We develop and build agricultural machines
for harvesting and processing

Every German eats an average of 60 kg potatoes every year.

In 2015 about 150.000 t strawberries from approximately 15.000 ha were picked in Germany, Wheat was grown on 6 Million Hectare and carrots were one of the most eaten vegetables in this year.

YOU know what machines are needed on your farm. You have the knowledge of growing vegetables, soft fruits and wheat. WE want to help you achieving the best every day. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in mechanising the strawberry growing, the processing of vegetables and the straw-/ chaff spreading of combines.

Heuling Maschinenbau adds its share to harvesting and processing of these fruits, vegetables and grains.

Since 1997 we build und develop machines for growing strawberries and other soft fruits. We also develop, build and distribute combine accessories and vegetable washers.

When BISO (Bitter und Sohn) in Bruchmühlen was taken over by the company Schrattenecker in 1996 and the whole company moved to Austria, a gap in the distribution of spare parts occurred. In the following year Ulrich Schulze Heuling and two former employees of Biso approached this problem together and Heuling Maschinenbau was founded.

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Heuling Maschinenbau - Spreuverteiler

chaff spreader



To spread chaff as well as shrivelled grains and short straw

Heuling-chaff spreader Spreading

Did you know that only 33% of the cutter bar width is covered with chaff when using a 4,5m cutter bar and 1,5m sieving tray?...

Heuling Maschinenbau - Gemüsewascher

Vegetable washer


To wash root vegetables without effort

For carrots, potatoes, celeriac, beetroot, etc.

The Heuling vegetable washer cleans root vegetables like carrots, beetroot, radish, beets, sugar beets, celeriac, potatoes, cucumber, ...

Heuling Maschinenbau - Spreuverteiler

Machines for growing strawberries


Spreading, cutting, brushing

Everything to care for your strawberry fields

Heuling straw spreaders, runner cutter, bed brush, leg setter drill, substrate mill, …

Heuling Maschinenbau - BISO Ersatzteile

Spare parts


For all Products of the primal BISO Maschinenfabrik

BISO spare parts and Information

Ask us for spare parts you need. With our long time experience we can help you...