Strohstreuer - Maschinenbau Heuling

Straw spreader 981 for strawberry fields

2-, 3- and 4- rows spreading for all standard row distances

  • 3 Point linkage with rear castor wheels 23x8,50-12
  • PTO 1000 rpm
  • Recommended tractor power: 70 - 90 kW (ca. 100-120 hp)

Reception chamber for round bales

  • Diameter: 2,05 m (6 feet 10 inches) for bales from the most commonly used round balers packing chambers with a diameter of 1.80 m ( 6 feet)
  • laid on 4 large rollers which are especially free-running
  • hydraulic drive through chain
  • continuous speed adjustment of the rotating bale to suit your distribution requirements, optional in-cab controls
  • exchangeable teeth sections for chain drive on bale chamber
  • capacity of the reception chamber: 2 bales. A third bale can be carried on a tilting loading platform at the rear
Straw spreader with bale trailer
Strohstreuer mit Ballenwagen

Chopping drum

Equipped with knives and sweepers the chopping drum lays lengthwise with the driving direction and works on the front side of the bale.

Because of the positioning of the chopping drum, which lays in the same alignment as the strawberry rows, the straw is thrown sideways in the rows and also ends up under the overhanging leaves and up to the stems. Through this arrangement, you may distribute your straw up to two weeks later compared with other systems where the straw is fed from the top between the rows.

Straw spreader with conveyer on top of tractor
Straw spreader with conveyer on top of tractor

Straw distribution

This takes effect through individually adjustable deflectors close to the rows. The deflectors can easily be assembled to suit the desired inter-row spacing and can be adjusted in the field to suit the precise bedding conditions. The quantity of straw in the rows can be adjusted individually. The whole quantity depends on the turning speed of the round bale and the drive speed. The working platform can be easily swung in or out, even when the chamber is loaded.

strawberry field directly after bedding, without additional work
Strawberry field 3 days after bedding, no additional work required