Strohstreuer - Maschinenbau Heuling

Straw spreader 503

For spreading round- or square bales

  • for clean crops and prevention against decay
  • for clean walkways even after rain
  • prohibits soil erosion and reduces weeds
  • spreading 1,-2- or 3 rows for all common row distances, double rows or complete coverage
  • Optionally with swivelling wheels for 3-point linkage or fixed wheels to hitch at a draw bar of the tractor
  • Power : from  45 kW on
  • Hydraulic connectors:  1 double acting control valve

Due to the construction the machine can handle round or square bales in different sizes and diameters.

The standard-machine dimensions are (LxWxH):
square bales: 2, 70 x 1, 60 x 2, 1 [m]
round bales: 2, 70 x 1, 60 x 3 [m]]

The straw spreader 503 can be additionally equipped with a hydraulic or electro-hydraulic commanded loading platform.