Rankenschneider - Maschinenbau Heuling

Runner cutter

for strawberries grown on raised beds

With our runner cutter, you can cut off the runners hanging down the slope of the raised beds, where they are throwing new roots, whilst treating the polythene membrane very gently. It can be used on nearly all bed shapes with 1, 2 or more rows per bed. 2 to 4 elements are allocated to each bed according to the bed shape and number of rows per bed.

Rankenschneider für Erdbeerpflanzen auf Foliendämmen

An individual wheeled-chassis is allocated to each bed.  It is connected to the main frame of the machine through an universal joint so that it can follow the bed independently from the tractor.  This allows it to deal with multiple beds in one pass.  It does not matter if you follow the planters line or the connecting path to the next planting line.

Schneidelement Rankenschneider
Each cutting unit is equipped with a rubber-fingered rotor and a saw blade.

The rubber fingers first lift the runners and guide them to the saw blade and, second, brace the pivoting connection of the cutting element onto the polythene membrane. Through this design, the mechanism which lifts the runners is in constant contact with the polythene membrane covering the bed without damaging it The runner cutter can be built for front- or rear linkage.