R├╝benputzer Maschinenbau Heuling

Beet cleaner

Dry cleaning and stone separation of sugar beets for a daily portion

The sugar beets (as they are coming from the field or field storage) are filled in the bunker of the machine. There they are transported out with a spiral conveyor. This is a low wear method. At the end of the conveyor the sugar beets and stones are falling each by each onto a baffle plate. With an acoustic differentiation the plate sorts out the stones and will eject them.
The cleaning of the sugar beets by rotating brushes follows afterwards.

The separation- and cleaning-process is done gentle and without any water. So afterwards the sugar beets can be stored as usual. Another option is to let the machine cut the sugar beets into slices right after the cleaning. The thickness of the slices is variable. To cut the sugar beets into slices gives the bacteria the most possible surface.

The machine has a power of about 4 t/ h.